The racing line at the sections gateway at the Doettinger Hoehe and Antoniusbuche:


On the Döttinger Höhe is the entrance for the tourist trips on the Nordschleife.

After the barriers of the entrance pay attention a little bit: From the left come the drivers who stayed on the track and took the barrier at Döttinger Höhe. In the area of Pylonengasse they have to get into the traffic.

After the brake chicane set up with pylons there is again room for final preparations. Correct the seat and rear-view mirror settings and tighten the seat belts if necessary. Therefore, vehicles occasionally stop at the right or left side of the road.

Then you can take off at full throttle in the direction of Antoniusbuche. You should already aim at the right side of the road in order to be able to make a wide turn from the following slight left turn.

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