Stefan-Bellof-S and Schwalbenschwanz

The racing line at the sections Stefan-Bellof-S and Schwalbenschwanz:

Stefan-Bellof-S and Schwalbenschwanz

In the slight left turn between the two right curves (R-36) and (R-37) in Stefan-Bellof-S (formerly Pflanzgarten II) drive up to the Kerbs on the left side. Do not drive over the Kerbs and immediately release again for the right-hand bend (R-37). Take the fast right-hand bend (R-37) in a wide curve. Pull back in to the inner notches, but do not drive over the notches. In the exit, let it carry out to the rattestones of the following slight left bend. On the very fast straight section, keep to kilometer 18 towards Schwalbenschwanz on the left side of the road.

Brake briefly before the right-hand bend (R-38). Approach the right-hand bend (R-38) from the far left and pull in a wide curve to the rattestones after the kerbs on the right-hand side of the road. For the coming left turn (L-32) keep to the right side of the road.

Drive the left-hand bend (L-32) in as wide an arc as possible. At the apex, drive all the way up to the inner notch of the curve and allow it to extend far out again at the exit. Then keep to the Kerbs on the right side of the road.

Before the end of the kerbs, remove from the right-hand side of the road and turn into the next left-hand bend (L-33) very early. Take the lowered roadway section on the inside of the curve and use it to enter the steep bend (small roundabout). As soon as you are in the steep turn (L-33), correct the steering angle a little. Do not drive through the steep curve to the end, but drive out again over the last concrete slab of the upper row. Stabilize the vehicle briefly.

In the further course of the subsequent slight left turn, pull back towards the notches on the left side of the roadway. Continue in the direction of Galgenkopf on the left side of the road.

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