Quiddelbacher Hoehe

The racing line at the sections Hocheichen, Quiddelbacher Hoehe and Flugplatz:

Hocheichen, Quiddelbacher Hoehe and Flugplatz

After the left-hand bend (L-9), fully accelerate out of high oaks and stay in the middle of the road. After the hilltop on the bridge, which is not visible, pull gently to the right and follow the slight bend of the Quiddelbacher Höhe further uphill.

Before the upper dome, pull to the left side of the road and, if necessary, release the throttle briefly and brake lightly. Do not brake or steer on the dome! Brake after the crest and connect the two right curves at the airfield (R-8) and (R-9) with a steering angle to a wide curve.

Attention: On hilltops and jump hills the vehicle is relieved and thus very “light”. If you brake here, this can quickly lead to blocking wheels. In vehicles without ABS, the vehicle can become uncontrollable when “touching down” after the crest. In vehicles with ABS, the anti-lock braking system on the hilltop can begin to reduce the braking force in order to prevent the wheels from locking. This means that after “touching down” after the hilltop, considerably less braking force can be available than expected or required.
Steering is similar on hilltops and jump hills. Due to the relief of the wheels, a steering movement cannot be implemented. If the wheels are loaded directly after the hilltop, a (too large) steering angle can suddenly have an effect and lead to a too large and unwanted change of direction or even to a loss of control over the vehicle.
Therefore, always align the vehicle cleanly before a hilltop or a jump hill and brake only before or after the hilltop or jump hill!

A speed limit of 200 km/h also applies here.

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