Hohe Acht, Hedwigshoehe and Wippermann

The racing line at the sections Hohe Acht, Hedwigshoehe and Wippermann:

Hohe Acht, Hedwigshoehe, Wippermann and Eschbach

Coming from the left-hand bend (L-26), turn into the right-hand bend (R-27) directly in the middle of the road. At the apex, drive up to the kerbs inside the bend and let them carry out completely at the exit. For the next right-hand bend (R-28) after the slight hilltop at Hohe Acht, keep to the far left of the roadway, close to the Kerbs.

Brake the right-hand bend (R-28) very early and steer in and then pull in as wide an arc as possible up to the inner notch at the apex. At the exit of the curve, let it carry out again, so that you touch the notches on the left side of the road exactly at the slight left bend. Keep to the left and accelerate.

The curve combination of the right turn (R-29), the left turn (L-27) and the right turn (R-30) at Hedwigshöhe can be driven very fast. Approach the first right turn (R-29) from the left side of the road and pull in late to the kerbs at the apex. Then turn directly into the following left turn (L-27). Also here you have to drive late until you reach the Kerbs at the apex on the left side of the road. After the kerbs turn into the right bend (R-30) and pull back to the kerbs at the vertex. At the exit of the bend, let it carry you far out onto the left side of the road.

Stay on the short straight piece at Wippermann on the left side of the road. Brake briefly after the slight depression. Turn into the not visible right turn (R-31) in a quite wide arc. Only on the slight hilltop pull all the way to the kerbs on the inside right of the curve. Let it carry out at the exit of the curve and pull it over to the right side of the road again for the coming left-hand bend near Eschbach.

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