Fuchsroehre and Adenauer Forst

The racing line at the sections Fuchsroehre and Adenauer Forst:

Fuchsroehre and Adenauer Forst

Drive as straight as possible through the downhill section of the Fuchsröhre by kilometre 6 with as few steering turns as possible. Take the slight left-hand bend (L-12) in the hollow a little to the left of the middle of the road. After the compression in the depression, let it carry out to the right side of the road. Take the second left-hand bend (L-13) from the outside and pull in at the apex over the kerbs and keep left after the bend.

Drive into the right-hand bend (R-11) from very far outside and keep a little to the right of the middle of the lane at the exit of the bend. Reduce the speed for the further curve combination in the slower section Adenauer Forst.

Attention: Special caution is required on the long downhill sections with very steep slopes, such as the Fuchsröhre or Wehrseifen and the ExMühle to Breidscheid. High speeds can also be reached very quickly with less powerful vehicles.
The braking system has already reached a very high temperature on the previous sections of the Nordschleife. Due to the additional stress caused by braking down from high speed on a downhill section, standard brakes of less sporty vehicles in particular can reach the limits of their performance here and overheat. This can result in significantly higher pedal forces and significantly reduced braking performance.

It is generally recommended to make a short stop after each lap. Especially the brakes can cool down a little. A short break also does no harm to the engine or the cooling system (especially at high outside temperatures). It can even make sense to open the bonnet a little to avoid heat accumulation in the engine compartment. A quick glance at the tyres can help to detect any damage caused by contact with the notches at an early stage. The tyre temperature may also be given a little attention. Depending on the driving style, road tyres in particular can warm up considerably. Accordingly, the pressure inside the tyre can increase, which leads to a deterioration in grip.
But a short recovery break also helps the driver to maintain concentration during the next lap on the Nordschleife.

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