The racing line at the section Bergwerk:


Do not turn the left-hand bend (L-20) too early and drive under throttle if possible. Do not let the car carry you too far out of the corner. Keep a little to the left of the middle of the road and continue in the direction of the mine.

Before turning right (R-21), keep a little away from the left side of the road and brake. Turn into the right-hand bend (R-21) very late and only pull it towards the inner kerbs far into the bend, as the bend will make a bit of a break in the course of the bend. Then drive out of the curve under throttle in order to take a lot of speed with you for the long uphill section to come.

On the long, almost straight stretch at kilometre 11, slowly pull over to the right side of the road. Gently turn into the long, fast left-hand bend (L-21) and drive full in a wide curve. Don’t lose any speed and let it go out towards the small bowl at the end of the bend.

Note: In the long and in places very steep uphill passage from Breidscheid over the sections ExTal, Bergwerk, Kesselchen, Klostertal and Caracciola-Karussell to the Hohe Acht, the engine is subjected to particularly high loads. Especially on very warm days it is advisable to keep an eye on the engine temperature via the cooling water indicator and, if available, the oil temperature indicator in order to avoid overheating and possible engine damage.

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