The racing line at the section Pflanzgarten:


Keep out of the slight left bend at the entrance to the Pflanzgarten on the left-hand side of the road. The combination of slight bends around the small jump hill can be driven in a straight line.

Brake before and after the small jump hill for the double right turn (R-35) and keep on the left side of the road. Drive the two sections of the double right-hand bend (R-35) with one steering turn in a wide arc. In the first part of the curve do not pull all the way to the inner notches. Only in the second part of the right-hand bend (R-35) drive up to the notches on the inside of the bend. In the curve exit, keep to the right side of the road for the following fast left turn (L-30).

Drive the fast and invisible left turn (L-30) early and from the very outside in a wide arc. At the apex, pull it in as far as the kerbs and at the exit of the curve, let it extend far out to the rattestones.

At the exit of the following left-hand bend (L-31) is the large jump hill. The left-hand bend (L-31) should therefore be retracted in such a way that the steering is already straight again at its apex.

After the big jump hill in Stefan-Bellof-S (formerly Pflanzgarten II) stabilize the vehicle on the left half of the road for the following fast right turn (R-36). Drive the right-hand bend (R-36) at high speed in a long curve and stay at the kerbs for a long time. Do not drive over the notches. From the apex of the right-hand bend (R-36) directly head for the inner notches of the following light left-hand bend in the direction of the dovetail.

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