The racing line at the section Caracciola-Karussell:


Take the Klostertalkurve (R-24) from the far left and brake down strongly. Only very late, at the end of the Kerbs turn left. Then head for the apex at the interruption of the guardrail on the inside of the curve. When accelerating out, pull up to Kerbs on the left side of the road.

Connect the slight bends on the piece to the Caracciola carousel from the middle of the roadway to a straight line. Before the steep bend (L-24), drive up to the Kerbs on the right and brake.

Before the carousel, slightly grasp the steering wheel for the left turn. Only drive into the steep bend (L-24) at the third concrete element. Drive through the roundabout under light throttle with a steering wheel turn. Keep the entire vehicle on the concrete elements and do not pull too far inwards. Only accelerate out towards the end and drive over the right corner of the last concrete element out of the Caracciola carousel.

After the steep curve under throttle, go directly to the vertex at the notches of the double right-hand curve (R-25). After the first bend in the right-hand bend (R-25), keep to the middle of the lane and only after the second bend in the right-hand bend (R-25), let the road extend all the way to the left.

Take the slight right-hand bend (R-26) from the left-hand side of the road and keep to the far right at the exit. Take the fast, invisible left-hand bend (L-25) directly after the rattestones on the right. Pull in the kerbs up to the apex and let them come out at the exit of the curve.

After the slight left bend before the left bend (L-26), drive out to the kerbs on the right-hand side of the road. Take the left-hand bend (L-26) from the kerbs on the right. At the apex of the bend, pull back all the way to the kerbs on the inside of the bend. At the exit of the left-hand bend (L-26) in the direction of Hohe Acht, do not allow the right-hand bend (R-27) to extend too far.

Note: In the long and in places very steep uphill passage from Breidscheid over the sections ExTal, Bergwerk, Kesselchen, Klostertal and Caracciola-Karussell to the Hohe Acht, the engine is subjected to particularly high loads. Especially on very warm days it is advisable to keep an eye on the engine temperature via the cooling water indicator and, if available, the oil temperature indicator in order to avoid overheating and possible engine damage.

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