Hatzenbach and Hocheichen

The racing line at the sections Hatzenbach and Hocheichen:


In Hatzenbach, make the right-hand bend (R-4) far to the outside and let it carry out from the apex to the left again under throttle. The fast left-hand bend (L-5) can be taken very far to the left. From the exit of the bend, let it carry out onto the right side of the road and brake.

Turn into the second left-hand bend (L-6) quite early and aim for the right-hand bend (R-5) from the apex of the bend and brake briefly. Connect the right bend (R-5) and the following slight right bend with a steering wheel turn to a bend.

Connect the following curve combination from the left curve (L-7) and the right curve (R-6) with a harmonic ideal line from vertex to vertex. In the curve exits tend to hold something on the inside of the curve. Accelerate out of the last left curve (L-8) in the direction of high oaks.

Accelerate on the short straight and change to the left side of the road. Take the right-hand bend (R-7) from the outside in a wide and fast arc. From the exit of the curve head directly for the apex of the following left turn (L-9). Take the throttle out of the raised left-hand bend (L-9) and accelerate further in the direction of Quiddelbacher Höhe.

From this section a speed limit of 200 km/h begins.

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