Wehrseifen and ExMuehle

The racing line at the sections Wehrseifen and ExMuehle:

Wehrseifen and ExMuehle

For the very slow combination of turns in defensive soaps, brake down in time, approach the right-hand turn (R-17) on the far left and pull in early to the apex. Stop in the middle of the road from the vertex and brake again before the next left turn (L-18). At the entrance of the bend stay in the middle for a long time and only after the slight bend towards the end of the left bend (L-18) pull in all the way to the inner kerbs of the bend. From the exit of the bend, accelerate from the middle of the road to the apex of the slight right-hand bend (R-18). After the right-hand bend (R-18) stay on the left side of the road and accelerate quickly on the short straight section in the direction of ExMühle.

Take the easy and fast right-hand bend (R-19) at the entrance to the ExMühle and turn in relatively late. Already from the apex of the right-hand bend (R-19) stop at the very right edge of the roadway and brake down on the straight and quite steep stretch in the direction of Breidscheid. The left-hand bend (L-19) turns into the road late in order to be able to take the slight bend after the bridge with a steering turn. Already from the curve exit of the left curve (L-19) stop on the left side of the road to be able to approach the coming right curve (R-20) in as wide a curve as possible.

In a right-hand bend (R-20), drive fully up to the inner notches and let them carry out under throttle in order to take as much speed as possible with you for the coming gradient. Accelerate the longer section with the light crest before kilometer 10.

Attention: In Breidscheid there is another entrance and exit to the Nordschleife in the left-hand bend (L-19). Here, vehicles can enter the track from the right-hand side or brake vehicles in front more strongly than expected. This applies above all to towing or service vehicles.

Special care should be taken on the long downhill sections with very steep gradients, such as the Fuchsröhre or Wehrseifen and the ExMühle to Breidscheid. Here high speeds can be reached very quickly even with less powerful vehicles.
The braking system has already reached a very high temperature on the previous sections of the Nordschleife. Due to the additional stress caused by braking down from high speed on a downhill section, standard brakes of less sporty vehicles in particular can reach the limits of their performance here and overheat. This can result in significantly higher pedal forces and significantly reduced braking performance.

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