The racing line at the section Metzgesfeld:

Adenauer Forst and Metzgesfeld

Coming from the right-hand bend (R-11) in the Adenauer Forst, keep to the right for a long time, brake and drive almost to the kerbs on the outside of the left-hand bend (L-14). Turn into the left-hand bend (L-14) late and turn into the right-hand bend (R-12) shortly after the apex. Accelerate out of the right-hand bend (R-12) in a clean arc to pick up speed again for the faster Metzgesfeld section.

Drive through the slight bends after kilometre 7 with as few steering movements as possible. At the slight hilltop before the left-hand bend (L-15) only slightly release the throttle and keep to the right side of the road after the hilltop. The fast left turn (L-15) can then be driven almost full in a wide curve. After the apex, let it carry you far out again and then brake down on the right side of the road for the next curve.

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