The racing line at the section Kallenhard:

Metzgesfeld, Kallenhard and Wehrseifen

Coming from the fast left turn (L-15) in Metzgesfeld, brake at the right side of the road for the much slower left turn (L-16). Turn left at the level of the kerbs beginning on the inside of the curve. In the course of the curve the curve closes a little and leads over a slight crest. At the exit of the left-hand bend (L-16), stop in the middle of the road, park the car straight and pull towards the kerbs at the vertex of the right-hand bend (R-13).

On the short straight in the direction of Kallenhard, pull all the way to the left side of the road and turn into the right-hand bend (R-14) very late. Only shortly before the end of the turn pull up to the inner kerbs and accelerate out of the narrow exit.

For the following fast left-right combination, cross over to the right side of the road. In the long left turn (L-17) drive up to the kerbs. At the apex there is a small depression, where the vehicle is already aligned with almost straight steering in the direction of the directly following right turn (R-15). Drive the right-hand bend (R-15) with a large steering angle and accelerate out early. For the coming triple right turn (R-16) keep very far to the left side of the road.

The fast right-hand bend (R-16) consists of three closely spaced partial bends, which are connected with a steering angle to form a long bend. At the first turn leave a little distance to the notches inside the curve. In the second sub-curve drive right up to the inner notches. In the third part of the bend, leave a little distance to the notches again and let yourself be carried slowly out to the left side of the road. Stay on the left side of the downhill section in the direction of weir soaps.

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