The racing line at the sections Tiergarten and Hohenrain:

Tiergarten and Hohenrain

From the slight left turn at the Tiergarten at kilometer 1, directly aim for the vertex of the very fast right turn (R-1) and approach it almost in a straight line. At the exit of the right-hand bend (R-1), keep slightly to the right and only slowly change to the left side of the road on the connecting straight towards Hohenrain.

Only brake on the straight piece before the Hohenrain harassment. Gently approach the first fast left turn (L-2). Just past the apex at the end of the guard rails of the service exit (painted red). At the end of the curve keep left to position yourself well for the following right turn (R-2).

Brake and rather slowly enter the Hohenrain chicane. Take the right-hand bend (R-2) far out and keep to the right at the exit of the bend. In the following left-hand bend (L-3), aim for the apex opposite the guard rail to the entrance to the old pit lane and drive up to the kerbs.

At the exit of the left-hand bend (L-3) keep to the far left in order to be able to approach the coming right-hand bend (R-3) to the T13 tribune from very far outside. At the apex of the right-hand bend (R-3) drive very close to the crash barriers of the old pit area and accelerate out onto the following short straight to the bridge.

On the short straight along the T13, pull to the right side of the road until you reach the end of the pit wall. Do not brake or steer on the hilltop near the bridge before the left turn (L-4). Brake only after the crest and approach the left-hand bend (L-4) very far out. Only turn very late to the apex, because the curve drops off in the course.

At the slight bend to the right, keep in the middle at kilometer 2 and then change to the left side of the road and enter the Hatzenbach section.

Attention: If the whole track (Nordschleife in connection with the GP track) is used, then after the left turn (L-3) it goes almost straight on the connecting piece to the GP track. Drivers, who often drive the Nordschleife and already know it very well, may inadvertently pull to the right, because they intuitively want to follow the normal course of the Nordschleife towards T13.
The second connecting piece, coming from the GP track, leads in a left turn shortly before the bridge back to the short straight at the T13. This curve drops off to the outside and at the outer edge of the curve there is the pit wall. Therefore it is not completely harmless.

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